Week 1/Thing 1: Lifelong Learning

Discovery Exercise:
View the Voicethread presentation below. As you review the 7 1/2 Habits of Effective Lifelong Learners, consider which habit(s) may be most challenging for you to employ as part of your K12 Learning 2.0 experience. Also consider which habit(s) will be easiest, or are most resonent for you as a lifelong learner.
For example:
  • Perhaps you cringe at the thought of teaching others how to use technology tools. (Habit 7)
  • Perhaps you always begin with a goal in mind when learning about new technologies. (Habit 1)

During week two, you will complete a blog post reflecting on the 7 1/2 Habits, so you may wish to take a few notes.

After viewing the presentation, leave an audio comment on the slide that presents a habit you find easy to employ or which resonates for you.
The video below shows you how. Use your new Google account to register for Voicethread.